This project is read-only.
We will update documents here more frequently than in the release zip files.

The documents that are currently available are:
A suggested tour through the docs is:
  • start with dlr-overview and read first two sections
  • read or skim the remaining sections of dlr-overview
  • branch (note, conceptual introductions share some information with later sections of dlr-overview)
    • for library authors wanting to create dynamic objects in a lightweight way, read library-authors-introduction
    • for more info on Expression Trees, read expr-tree-spec
    • for more info on dynamic dispatch caching and dynamic object interop, read sites-binders-dynobj-interop
    • for more info on DLR Hosting Model, read dlr-spec-hosting
  • to bring this all together in a coherent language implementation sample with walkthrough, read sympl.doc

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jackukleja Nov 27, 2010 at 6:12 AM 
Would be great if all this documentation was available as Hyper Text Markup Language.

0xFDED Jun 17, 2010 at 10:33 PM 
The DLR documentation is excellent - some of the best I've seen. A number of concepts in the DLR are complex and very technical in nature, but the docs are well written, provide sufficient material, details, and examples. Another plus is they address all levels of developers - from those just wanting to add basic dynamic features to their current code all the way to those working on the next great language. Thanks!