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Announcing the Dynamic Language Runtime 0.92 Release

Oct 22, 2009 at 7:53 PM

Today we’re releasing version 0.92 of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) to coincide with the Beta 2 release of Visual Studio 2010.

The source package includes a Visual Studio 2008 solution as well.

The DLR Codeplex project is one-stop shopping for all the languages and samples the DLR team releases. There are also VS Beta 2 releases on our individual language sites. For the IronPython release, go to The IronRuby release can be found at

If you want to read some documents without downloading sources or bits, go to

  • dlr-overview.doc
  • dlr-spec-hosting.doc
  • sites-binders-dyn-objs-spec.doc
  • library-authors-introduction.doc
  • expr-tree-spec.doc
  • sympl.doc


-The DLR Team